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Benona Township Board is seeking applicants for the position of Township Maintenance Manager. This is a part-time seasonal position. A detailed list of duties is available at Benona Township Hall. Applicants must submit a resume to Benona Township Board at Benona Township, 7169 W. Baker Rd., Shelby, Michigan 49455 by March 24, 2017.

Skills required: Basic carpentry, household electrical and mechanical.

Beginning Salary: $14.00/hr; annual evaluations with potential for merit raises.

Job Description:
-Responsible for upkeep of the township buildings and grounds. Minor maintenance and repairs to buildings and parking lots. (This includes striping & debris removal of parking lots.) Oversee mowing, trimming, pruning and equipment repair and maintenance.
– Responsible for parks. This includes seasonal placement and removal of buoys, handicap ramps and signs. Maintenance of playground equipment, picnic tables, grills, trash cans and wells. Also monitoring cleanliness of porta-potties and trash receptacles.
-Responsible for upkeep of cemeteries. This includes winterizing cemeteries by dumping urns in October as well as mowing, trimming and limb removal.