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Clerk’s Report

The minutes of the Regular meeting were completed and the synopsis was sent to the local paper. Copies were sent to the Trustees and to Troughton for the website. Late arriving and time-sensitive bills were prepared. The budget for December was completed and amended, and all accounts were reconciled. The agenda, Profit & Loss report, checks, and checklist were prepared for the regular meeting and sent to the website to post for the regular board meeting conducted on Zoom. Salary Resolutions were also prepared. Quarterly reports were completed, as well as annual W2’s and 1099’s. They were sent to employees along with W4’s to update records. The list of Board Members & Commissioners was updated and an edited copy sent to a FOIA request. The town hall rental agreement was updated and a copy sent to Laurel Sawyer as requested. A public Risk Limiting Audit was performed in person and via Zoom on January 19th, with the Election Commission and Deputy Clerk present, and Trustee Van Overbeke present online as Zoom meeting coordinator.

Respectfully submitted,

Margie Shaw, Clerk