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JULY 27, 2020 at 7:30PM


The regular meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM with all Board members present, except Smith and Fleming, and 21 visitors in attendance. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Neuman to approve the agenda with the addition of “Road Commission Bills” to Old Business and “Town Hall Gutters” to New Business. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. The minutes of the June 22, 2020 Regular meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Neuman and supported by Shaw to approve the minutes as submitted. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. The minutes of the July 13, 2020 Election Commission meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Neuman and supported by VanOverbeke to approve the minutes as submitted. All members-aye, motion CARRIED.

Treasurer’s report: Neuman reported on township financial standings for July. She deposited all money received and entered income to QuickBooks. Address changes are ongoing. Summer tax collection began July 1, and she has collected $393,247.77 to date, approximately 24%. Revised tax bills were sent following the July BOR. Tax distributions were prepared and mailed and tax summaries for escrow accounts were mailed to mortgage companies. Neuman collected $400.00 in boat ramp permit fees. She also attended the Election Commission meeting and the Public Accuracy testing for the voting machines. A motion was made by Neuman and supported by Shaw to authorize payment of the bills in the amount of $26,832.85, with the addition of any late arriving bills. Roll call vote: Shaw-aye, Neuman-aye, VanOverbeke-aye; motion CARRIED.

Clerk’s report: The minutes of the Regular meeting, and the Election Commission meeting were completed and the synopsis was sent to the local paper. Copies were sent to the Trustees, Airy, and to Troughton for the website. Late arriving and time-sensitive bills were prepared. The budget for June was completed and all accounts were reconciled. The agenda, Profit & Loss report, checks and checklist were prepared for the regular meeting, as well as the agenda for the Truth in Taxation hearing. All quarterly reports were submitted. Election inspectors were registered for training and informed of their appointment. Election Commission meeting minutes were emailed to the County Clerk and Party Chairmen. Ballots for Absentee Voters are received and issued daily. So far 378 ballots have been issued. Additional MOVE ballots were emailed to overseas voters. An election survey was completed and an order submitted for supplies through the CARE grant. The Public Accuracy test was held today and the machines are set for the election next Tuesday. Copies of cemetery maps were mailed to two lots owners as requested. Shaw met with a lot owner and a site was marked for a monument placement for him.

Trustees’ report: None

Fire Board report: Smith submitted a written report. There were 13 runs in June. Approval was given to purchase a new Zoll AED. Ezra Kasza was approved as Senior Lieutenant and Mike Barefoot as Lieutenant. A mutual aid policy was adopted by all departments in the county. Aerial testing was completed successfully. Bills totaling $15,782.03 were approved for payment.

Park Report: None

Planning Commission report: The meeting was summarized by Van Overbeke.

Supervisor’s report: Fleming’s report stated that he toured roads, parks and cemeteries weekly. He handled the maintenance and the mowers, moving and servicing them as needed. He purchased a caution sign for the pole at the end of the seawall at Lake Michigan, which Jon then installed. With Jon’s assistance, the Oval Beach parking lot was restriped and the playground equipment report completed. He attended the Fire Command meeting and the Election Commission meeting and served as secretary for the July BOR. Fleming requested bids for screens for the gutters and noted his recommendations for the Board since he was unable to attend the meeting.

Assessor’s report: A report was submitted for July. They prepared for, and held the July BOR. Three Tax Tribunals are pending.

Zoning Administrator’s report: Airy reported on his activities for July. Airy assisted Insignia Builders with the Koostra dwelling and Gary Burmeister with a future Land Division. He also visited two sites regarding sign placements. At the Planning Commission meeting, he discussed the Master Plan survey in preparation for the August review. Airy worked on correcting the static on the town hall phones. Permit activity for the month of July: Regular permits-13, RV permits-5, Sign permits-1, and Critical Dune permits-1.

Old Business: The sign for the town hall was tabled until the August meeting. The bills for the Road Commission were discussed and it was the consensus of the Board to begin by paying the bill for Scenic Dr. and retain the lesser bills until it could be ascertained how much matching money there is and how it can be applied.


Moved by Shaw and supported by VanOverbeke to establish the Township of Benona Township’s 2020 Millage Levy as follows:



Allocated Operational 1.2291 1.2291

Voted Fire District .8044 .8044

Voted District Library .2457 .2457

Voted Roads 1.9926 1.9926

TOTAL 4.2718

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: to authorize the Supervisor of Benona Township and the Clerk of Benona Township to sign the Certificate of Compliance with Section 31 of article 9 of the State Constitution of 1963.

Roll call vote: Smith-absent, Shaw-aye, Fleming-absent, Neuman-aye, VanOverbeke-aye motion CARRIED. A motion was made by VanOverbeke and supported by Neuman to accept the bid from Gary’s Seamless Gutters for $400.00 for gutter screens. Roll call vote: Shaw-aye, Neuman-aye, VanOverbeke-aye; motion CARRIED.

Public Comment/Presentations: Commissioner Larry Byl discussed Oceana County issues such as weed harvesting and underfunded benefits.

A motion was made by Shaw and supported by VanOverbeke to adjourn, and the meeting was dismissed at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Margie Shaw, Clerk