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JUNE 25, 2018

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with all Board members present and 5 visitors in attendance. Following the pledge to the flag, a motion was made by Smith and supported by Neuman to approve the agenda with the addition of “Tuck Pointing and Brick Replacement” to New Business. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. The minutes of the May 29, 2018 regular meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Smith and supported by Neuman to approve the minutes as submitted. All members-aye, motion CARRIED.

Treasurer’s report: Neuman reviewed township financial standings, deposited all money received and entered income to QuickBooks. Neuman worked with the Assessor and KCI to prepare tax bills, which will be sent out the end of this week. The Point & Pay system is set up to receive online payments beginning July 1st. Letters were mailed to those with delinquent Personal Property Taxes. Address changes are ongoing. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Smith to authorize payment of the bills in the amount of $23,675.31, with the addition of any late arriving bills. Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Shaw-aye, Fleming-aye, Neuman-aye, Van Overbeke-aye; motion CARRIED.

Clerk’s report: The minutes of the Regular meeting were completed, and the synopsis was published in the local paper. The minutes were posted on the website and copies sent to the Trustees. Late arriving and time-sensitive bills were prepared. The budget for May was completed and all accounts were reconciled. The agenda, Profit & Loss report, checks and checklist were prepared for the regular meeting. We received the new voting equipment on June 11th and will be trained on its use on June 27th. Shaw called the insurance company regarding placing safety equipment at the beaches and was referred to their risk management advisor. He was very helpful and mentioned having correct signage at the parks is probably the most important thing we need to do and documenting regular inspections. He is planning to attend our July 23 Regular meeting to advise the board. Shaw also called the County and the last date to have a proposal placed on the November ballot is August 14. It will have to be prepared by the lawyer first. Former election inspectors were contacted to see who would be available to work the August Primary.

Trustee’s report: Smith noted that the road brine seems to be holding up well. Van Overbeke reported on a meeting he attended regarding ambulance services.

Cemetery report: Two grave sites were marked for burials, and two sites for monument foundations. A new foundation was placed for the monument which was misaligned and it was moved, after confirming that no vault was where the monument was currently placed. Several requests for information were answered this month as well. There was a report of vandalism at the Evergreen Cemetery.

Fire Board report: Fleming reported that they discussed the County EMS and fire barn improvements. Both Chief White and President Smith were absent. Bills totaling $4,516.63 were approved for payment.

Park report: None
Planning Commission report: Preliminary minutes were submitted for the June meeting. The Scorsone Conditional Use permit was approved.

Supervisor’s report: Fleming reported that he ordered the lawn mower from Rothbury Hardware, inspected and paid for it when it arrived, and contacted Dykman to pick it up. Fleming toured the gravel roads and parks, noted that a float rope had been installed at the docks and attended the Fire Command meeting. Fleming worked with Dustin Waller and Dave Near to design a town hall sign. He asked Dave from Dave’s Masonry to give us a bid for replacing bricks and tuck- pointing needed areas of the town hall. He discussed the brine application with Ms. Franz of Great Lakes Chloride. Fleming contacted the Road Commission about grading 28th Ave. and sent an e-mail to Steve King about the seawall.

Assessor’s report: Michael Beach submitted a written report of activities for June. Two Tax Tribunals are scheduled which will require appraisals. Beach will contact the lawyer from Detroit that we used for a previous tribunal, for recommendations. The July Board of Review is scheduled for July 18, 2018 at 10:00 AM.

Zoning Administrator’s report: Airy worked on a Land Divisions for Lindy Whitney and Joe Hayes; both were approved at the Planning Commission meeting. At that meeting, solar farms were also discussed. He visited a parcel to investigate a report of an unpermitted RV camp, and sent a letter to the property owner regarding this violation. Airy also checked distances for Stitt’s sign at 32nd Ave. and Shelby Rd. and will contact Stitts regarding proper relocation. He supplied Mr. Hopper with zoning requirements for his new home, and confirmed requirements for Mr. Eldridge’s new pole barn. Permit activity for the month of June: Regular permits-3, RV permits-1, RV permits-8, Land Divisions-2, and three sign permits.

Maintenance Manager Report: None

Old Business: Fleming had more examples of a sign for the town hall.

New Business: A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Smith to schedule the Truth in Taxation hearing for July 23, 2018 at 7:15 PM. All members-aye; motion CARRIED. The Election Commission meeting was scheduled for July 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM. There is a town hall rental scheduled for July 14th. A motion was made by Neuman and supported by Van Overbeke to hire Dave’s Masonry for tuck-pointing and brick replacement for $650.00 for the north side of the town hall building. Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Shaw-aye, Fleming-aye, Neuman-aye, Van Overbeke-aye; motion CARRIED.

Kelly Schmiedeknecht Stayhauser gave a follow-up presentation of proposed changes at Stony Lake Public Beach. Holly Hughes, candidate for the State Senate also gave a presentation. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Van Overbeke to adjourn and the meeting was dismissed at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Margie Shaw, Clerk