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NOVEMBER 27, 2017

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with all Board members present, except Shaw, and two visitors in attendance. Following the pledge to the flag, a motion was made by Smith and supported by VanOverbeke to approve the agenda All members-aye, motion CARRIED. The minutes of the October 23, 2017 regular meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Neuman and supported by Smith to approve the minutes as submitted. All members-aye, motion CARRIED.

Treasurer’s report: Neuman reviewed township financial standings, deposited all money received and entered income to QuickBooks. She collected delinquent 2017 summer taxes and worked with the County Treasurer’s office on completing a MI Tax Collector Bond Application. She worked with the Assessors to complete the 2017 winter tax data. Everything is completed and sent to Centron. Winter tax bills have been finalized and will be printed and mailed Nov. 28th. A motion was made by Smith and supported by Neuman to authorize payment of the bills in the amount of $60,911.79, with the addition of any late arriving bills. Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Fleming-aye, Neuman-aye, VanOverbeke-aye; motion CARRIED.

Clerk’s report: Deputy Clerk Zoller reported that the minutes of the Regular meeting were completed and posted on the website and copies were sent to the Road Commission and the Fire Board. The synopsis was published in the local paper. Late arriving and time-sensitive bills were prepared. The 941 and Unemployment quarterly reports were submitted. All accounts were reconciled. The agenda, Profit & Loss report, checks and checklist were prepared for the regular meeting. The snowplowing contract was signed and a copy was sent to Howard Gardner. The bill for the stump grinding at the cemetery was submitted to the insurance company to add to the claim.

Trustee’s report: None.

Cemetery report: None.

Fire Board report: Smith reported on the Annual meeting held on November 9th. Officers elected were John Smith-president, Bob Eekhoff-vice-president and Sheila Gowell-secretary/treasurer. He also reported on the November 9th regular meeting. There were 11 runs in October. One firefighter was reinstated and 3 applications for new firefighters were received. The County is planning a full scale disaster drill, probably sometime in August 2018. Bills totaling $5,106.59 were approved for payment.

Park report: None. Fleming reported that the parks appear to be in good condition.

Planning Commission report: Preliminary minutes were submitted.

Supervisor’s report: Fleming reported that he submitted a “wish list” to the Road Commission for possible road work for the year 2018, and gave copies to the Board. In late October he authorized Jeff Glover to remove trees in the playground park. He wrote a letter of approval to the Oceana County Road Commission to abandon the seasonal section of 48th Ave. between Buchanan Rd. and Baseline Rd. He also helped install directional signs in the town hall. He noted that the December MTA meeting will meet at Shelby Township Hall on Dec. 7 at 7:00 and will cover information about the Medical Marijuana Laws. The LUCA letter for preparation of the 2020 Census was submitted declining the address report. He reported to the Board that Assessor Brenda Beach is having health issues and will not be working regular hours.

Assessor’s report: None.

Zoning Administrator’s report: Airy reported that he worked with Sam Stitt (Heritage Wedding Barns) to resolve the concerns of his neighbors. After successful discussions with those involved, it was presented to Planning Commission, where the Conditional Use permit was approved. He also sent notices about sign violations, an RV violation, and a violation for a new addition. He worked with Fleming putting up signs in the Townhall. Permit activity for the month of November: Regular permits-2, Critical Dune permits-1, and one Land Division.

Maintenance Manager Report: None. It was noted that leaves need to be removed from area around town hall east doors.

Old Business: None.

New Business: Smith made a motion to authorize the purchase of postage stamps for $637.00 for winter tax receipts, and it was seconded by VanOverbeke. Roll call vote: VanOverbeke-aye, Neuman-aye, Fleming-aye, Smith-aye: motion CARRIED. A motion was made by Smith and supported by Neuman to amend the budget by taking $1,500.00 from Contingencies and increasing the Cemetery budget by $1,500.00. The Cemetery budget was exceeded due to the extensive tree work that was needed. Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Fleming-aye, Neuman-aye, VanOverbeke-aye: motion CARRIED. Neuman made the motion to purchase a computer for use in the Township Assessor’s office, at a cost not to exceed $750.00. The current laptops in use are owned by Michael and Brenda Beach. The motion was seconded by VanOverbeke. Roll call vote: VanOverbeke-aye, Neuman-aye, Fleming-aye, Smith-aye: motion CARRIED. It was requested to change the regular December meeting date. A motion was made by VanOverbeke and supported by Smith to hold the December meeting on Dec. 18 at 7:30. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. A motion was made by Smith and supported by VanOverbeke to adjourn and the meeting was dismissed at 8:20 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sharon Zoller, Deputy Clerk for Margie Shaw, Clerk