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AUGUST 25, 2014 AT 7:30 PM


(Approved Minutes)

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with all Board members present and 8 visitors in attendance. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Smith to approve the agenda as submitted.  All members-aye, motion CARRIED.  The minutes of the July 28, 2014 Regular meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Smith and supported by Burmeister to approve the minutes as submitted.  All members-aye, motion CARRIED.  A motion was made by Burmeister and supported by Smith to approve the Truth in Taxation minutes of July 28, 2014 as submitted.  All members-aye, motion CARRIED.

Treasurer’s report:  Schuyler reported the balances of all accounts and a total income of $28,897.13 for the month of July.  She has been working each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with her deputy assisting on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Clerk’s Report:  The minutes of the Regular meeting and the Truth in Taxation hearing were completed and copies sent to Trustees and published on the website.  The synopsis was published in the local paper.  Late arriving bills were prepared.  All accounts were reconciled and a Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual prepared. The monthly budget report is not balancing, possibly because the Exede internet is coming out of the Westshore checking account and not being recorded under the General Fund in QuickBooks. Shaw will continue to work on this until it balances.  The Public Hearing notice for the Five Year Plan for Road Improvements was published and the agenda for the hearing was prepared. The agenda, checks and checklist were prepared for the regular meeting.  The election went smoothly with a voter turn-out of about 25% for Benona.  We were the second precinct to the county with our results.  Insurance information was collected as requested by Fleming and Shaw also called the insurance company regarding coverage for Joe Jonseck.  The totals were changed on both the monthly budget and the annual budget due to the amendment last month.

Cemetery report: One cemetery lot was sold and one gravesite marked for a burial.

Fire Board report:  Smith reported that there were 7 runs in July. Shelby Benona Fire Department ( has a preliminary website.  The Board accepted the ATV purchase approval from the firefighter’s fund.  Three new ladders were ordered and new hose was approved for those that failed the inspection.  Firefighters must now wear safety goggles under their shields as directed by OSHA.

Park report:  The rails at the end of the fishing deck at the Lake Michigan Oval Park have been torn off for the second time this summer.

Planning Commission report:  Preliminary minutes of the August 14, 2014 Planning Commission were submitted to the Board.  Mrs. Pell’s Conditional Use permit for her perpetual yard sale was the main topic of that meeting.  They are continuing to work on the survey to gather opinions as they review the Master Plan.

Supervisor’s report: Fleming called Randy Misner from Rieth-Riley to discuss the base for the Grant Road paving project and signed the work order.  He was unable to get a discount.  He investigated a report of the lack of a southbound “Stop” sign at the intersection of Stony Lake Road and Scenic Drive and checked on the repairs made to the fishing deck.  Fleming discussed the next brine application with Deur.  He reported the second incident of vandalism to the fishing deck to the Sheriff’s Department so we would have a report to submit to the insurance company.  Fleming also contacted Harry Schouten about his interest in serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Assessors’ report:  They attended two Tax Tribunals on August 15th and they are preparing for two Tax Tribunal appeals.  They are physically reviewing parcels for record card accuracy.  New splits, combines and land divisions are being processed and they are working on Land Table modifications.  Parcels that sold in 2014 are being reviewed and they are entering new Building Permits.  New Principle Residence Exemption Affidavits, new deeds and property transfer affidavits are being processed.  Conversion to the new server for BS&A Assessing and Tax is complete.

Zoning Administrator’s report: Airy reported that the Ordinance amendment for the Flood Plain map updates was approved by FEMA.  He assisted Mr. DeBraybander with his expired Zoning permit and DEQ permit.  At the Planning Commission meeting, he answered questions about the Master Plan survey and discussed the Pell Conditional Use request and Mr. Mendoza’s miscellaneous junk on his property.  He later discussed the situation with Mr. Mendoza’s son and plans to follow up with him at a later date.  Airy contacted the Oceana County Building Inspection Dept. to clear up an issue for Mr. Klein.  The following activity was reported for the month of August: Regular Zoning permits-4, RV permits-4, and Sign permits-2.


Old Business:  The proposals for propane service were discussed.  A motion was made by Schuyler and supported by Shaw to contract with Amerigas for this year and approve the lock-in fee of $49.99.   Roll call vote:  Burmeister-aye, Schuyler-aye, Fleming-aye, Shaw-aye, Smith-aye, motion CARRIED.  A motion was made by Fleming and Supported by Schuyler to appoint Harry Schouten to the ZBA to replace MaryLou Schuyler (through Dec. 2016).  All members aye, motion CARRIED.

New Business:


Moved by Shaw and supported by Smith to establish the Township of Benona Township’s 2014 Millage Levy as follows:


SOURCE          PURPOSE         MILLAGE LEVY                       2014 MILLAGE LEVY

Allocated           Operational                  1.2500                                     1.1901

Voted               Fire District                    1.0000                                       .8411

Voted                District Library   .            .2500                                       .2500

                                                                                          TOTAL         2.2812

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED:  to authorize the Supervisor of Benona Township and the Clerk of Benona Township to sign the Certificate of Compliance with Section 31 of article 9 of the State Constitution of 1963. Roll call vote:  Burmeister-aye, Schuyler-aye, Fleming-aye, Shaw-aye, Smith-aye; motion CARRIED.  The Board discussed Joe Jonseck’s problem of his insurance coverage for beach cleaning being greater than what he is paid.  It was the consensus of the Board to propose to Jonseck that the township rent his machine and hire him as an employee to operate it.  Shaw will also contact the insurance company to see what increase would be involved. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Schuyler to authorize payment of the bills in the amount of $11,200.70, with the addition of any late arriving bills and a check for Joe Jonseck for $690.00 for beach cleaning, to be written from the Ramp Fund.  Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Shaw-aye, Fleming-aye, Schuyler-aye, Burmeister-aye; motion CARRIED.

Under Public Comment, Sarah Marossy requested the old school directional sign on the corner of 40th Ave. and Shelby Rd. since the school has been sold.  In return for the sign, she offered to donate $50.00 to the Township for the development and beautification of the property the Township recently acquired adjacent to the town hall.  A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Smith to allow Ms. Marossy to have the sign.  All members-aye, motion CARRIED.  Jane Denman informed the Board that the Stony Lake Property Owners Assn. is planning a 5K run at Stony Lake next year.  She will keep us apprised as the plans progress.  Burmeister inquired whether anyone on our Board was aware of plans for a Weighmaster in Oceana County and whether we have any information as to when the bridge over the creek on Shelby Road was last inspected.  Shaw found Road Commission minutes addressing the Weighmaster issue. A motion was made by Smith and supported by Burmeister to adjourn and the meeting was dismissed at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted:


Margie Shaw, Clerk