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JANUARY 27, 2014 AT 7:30 PM


(approved minutes)

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with all Board members present, except Czurak, and no visitors in attendance. Following the pledge to the flag, a motion was made by Shaw and supported by Burmeister to approve the agenda as submitted. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. The minutes of the December 23, 2013 regular meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Burmeister and supported by Smith to approve the minutes as submitted. All members-aye, motion CARRIED.

Treasurer’s report: Czurak submitted a report of monthly balances.

Clerk’s report: The minutes of the Regular meeting were completed and copies sent to Trustees and published on the website. The synopsis was published in the local paper. Bills were mailed (in the absence of the Treasurer) and late arriving bills prepared for mailing upon her return. All accounts were reconciled and the monthly budget report and Profit & Loss report prepared. The agenda, checks and checklist were prepared for the meeting. Quarterly and Annual reports were completed and W2 forms sent to all township employees. Mary Lou Schuyler, Judy Lankfer and Leon Ballast were all sworn in for their appointed positions. Problems with the PA116 request for Garrett Grantz are being corrected. The Subrecipient Single Audit Certification Request (for the parking lot grant) was completed and submitted.

Cemetery report: none.

Fire Board report: Smith reported that there were 5 runs in December for a total of 99 runs for 2013. The department was awarded a $320.00 DNR grant which will be used for a special hand tool for wildfires. Two new tires were purchased for truck #254. They are doing some remodeling work on the fire barn.

Planning Commission report: Burmeister reported the activities of the last meeting. Updates to the Zoning Manual were discussed by the Township Board.

Park report: none.

Supervisor’s report: Fleming reported that he called Bob Beckman regarding concerns about the invoice for the Grant Road project. Shaw gave copies of the invoices to Fleming who was able to resolve the situation between the Oceana County Road Commission and Beckman Brothers. Fleming was informed of a missing “Seasonal Road” sign by Gentel so he ordered a replacement sign from the Road Commission.

Assessor’s report: Beach reported that the Personal Property Statements and the Small Taxpayer Personal Property Exemption forms were mailed. They are currently entering Personal Property Statements and Splits and Combines for the 2014 Assessment Roll. Land Tables and EFC