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SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with all Board members present and seven visitors in attendance. Following the pledge to the flag, a motion was made by Neuman and supported by Van Overbeke to approve the agenda with the addition of “Roads,” to Old Business. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. The minutes of the August 28, 2017 Truth in Taxation Hearing were reviewed and a motion was made by Smith and supported by Neuman to approve the minutes as submitted. All members-aye; motion CARRIED. The minutes of the August 28, 2017 regular meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Van Overbeke and supported by Smith to approve the minutes as submitted. All members-aye, motion CARRIED.

Treasurer’s report: Neuman reported all account balances for August, and that all income has been entered into QuickBooks. She has collected $1,605,620.50 in summer taxes, approximately 85%. She worked with Centron on a questionnaire for the proposal of the upcoming 2017 winter tax season. Updating addresses and the answering of tax related questions are ongoing. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Van Overbeke to authorize payment of the bills in the amount of $13,069.03, with the addition of any late arriving bills. Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Shaw-aye, Fleming-aye, Neuman-aye, VanOverbeke-aye; motion CARRIED.

Clerk’s report: The minutes of the Regular meeting were completed, and the synopsis was published in the local paper. The minutes were posted on the website. Late arriving and time-sensitive bills were prepared. All accounts were reconciled. The agenda, Profit & Loss report, checks and checklist were prepared for the regular meeting and the agenda and L-4029 was submitted to the County Clerk and Equalization. Shaw met with Dustin Waller of Windridge about signs for the town hall and requested an estimate. An official of the Ragner Race contacted Shaw for permission for their race to go through Benona Township and later submitted a copy of their insurance policy.

Trustee’s report: Smith went to the site of the proposed abandonment of 48th Ave. and discussed the condition of the roads.

Cemetery report: Shaw reported a lot transfer and arrangements were made for two foundation placements. A monument ordered out of state by the Harjes family required arrangements to be made with Bill Harris to set it on the foundation and to have it delivered to Evergreen Cemetery. There were some difficulties with the delivery as it arrived on a full size semi truck.

Fire Board report: Smith reported that there were 10 runs in August. The position of Apparatus Supervisor will be split into two positions. The Golf Scramble was held September 9th and 10th. Bills totaling $5, 272.87 were approved for payment.

Park report: Deb Dykman reported that the unseasonably warm weather has resulted in extended usage of the beaches. The handicap ramp will need resurfacing by next year. Mr. Tow will be unable to finish the season due to a family health issue.

Planning Commission report: Preliminary minutes were submitted.

Supervisor’s report: Fleming reported that he discussed the drainage situation on South Glen Rd. and extending the project at 48th Ave. and Johnson Rd. with Jeff Bulkema. He also discussed the updated road sign policy under consideration for adoption by the Road Commission. He toured the parks and graveled roads and requested a bid from Jeff Glover for tree removal at the ball park. Fleming also installed six new shades at the town hall.

Assessor’s report: The Assessors submitted a written report of their September activities.

Zoning Administrator’s report: Airy reported that he investigated a complaint regarding the demolition of an old mobile home. He explained the steps needed to process a property line adjustment to Mr. Hopkins and assisted him with finalizing it. It was approved at the Planning Commission meeting. He assisted Mrs. Beachum in correcting her sign violation. He informed a property owner who was building an addition onto his home of the permits necessary. Airy assisted Tim Horton with information regarding a future Land Division and setback rules. Also at the Planning Commission meeting, a request from Harvest Energy Solutions was discussed and a representative of the company was given pertinent information. Airy assisted Ms. Dahl by sending her the legal descriptions for a combined property and also assisted a builder with critical dune issues at Sable View subdivision. A second violation notice was sent to Ms. Corbeil. Permit activity for the month of September: Regular permits-3, Sign permits-1, RV permits-1, and Critical Dune Permit-1 and one Land Division.

Maintenance Manager Report: None

Old Business: A motion was made by Shaw and supported by VanOverbeke to authorize the Supervisor to sign a work order for 48th Ave and west onto Johnson Rd. at a cost not to exceed $40,000.00. Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Shaw-aye, Fleming-aye, Neuman-aye, VanOverbeke-aye; motion CARRIED.

New Business: A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Smith to accept the proposal from Windridge for signs for the interior of the town hall. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Smith to amend the budget by taking $2,500.00 from Contingencies and increasing the Building Fund budget by $2,500.00. Roll call vote: VanOverbeke-aye, Neuman-aye, Fleming-aye, Shaw-aye, Smith-aye: motion CARRIED. A privacy fence to be placed behind the building at Evergreen Cemetery was discussed. Shaw will have estimates at the October meeting.

Under Public Comment, Mr. Garry McKeen requested to be put on the agenda for October at which time he will make a formal request for a letter of support for the road abandonment of 48th Ave., between Buchanan Rd. and Baseline Rd. The drainage issue on S. Glen Rd. was discussed. They are requesting a work order for two new drains. The Board indicated that the township could probably pay for the drains if a work order was submitted. A motion was made by Smith and supported by VanOverbeke to adjourn and the meeting was dismissed at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Margie Shaw, Clerk