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NOVEMBER 24, 2014 AT 7:30 PM


The regular meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with all Board members present and no visitors in attendance. Following the pledge to the flag, a motion was made by Schuyler and supported by Smith to approve the agenda with the addition of “BOR Group Ad” to New Business. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. The minutes of the October 27, 2014 Regular meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Burmeister and supported by Smith to approve the minutes with one correction. All members-aye, motion CARRIED.

Treasurer’s report: Schuyler reported that she has been working with the assessor to set up the winter tax bills. The tax bills have been sent to Centron electronically, proofed and revised and final approval will be sent on November 26th. They will then be sent to tax payers. Both the Treasurer and her Deputy met with Carrie Kruppe to learn more about QuickBooks. The tax accounts are now on the Treasurer’s computer and can be reconciled from there. Schuyler and Lankfer were unable to attend the MTA Seminar in Lansing.

Clerk’s Report: The minutes of the Regular meeting were completed and copies sent to Trustees and published on the website. The synopsis was published in the local paper. Late arriving bills were prepared. All accounts were reconciled and a Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual was prepared. The agenda, checks and checklist were prepared for the regular meeting. The 941 report was submitted.   The November General election went smoothly with a 55% turn-out. We were the first precinct to the County with the results. A required Provisional Ballot report was completed as well. All required online election related classes have been completed by both the Clerk and the Deputy Clerk. A survey, the Five Year Road Plan and the edited Policy & Procedure for the Public Inspection & Copying of Public Records were all completed.

Cemetery report: One burial is scheduled for later this week in spite of the inclement weather.

Fire Board report: Smith reported on both the Annual and Regular meetings. He was reelected as President with Bob Eekhoff serving as Vice President and Sheila Gowell serving as Secretary/Treasurer. The 2015 Budget was adopted and the 2015 calendar of meetings was approved. At the Regular meeting, classes for three firefighters were approved as well as a blitz nozzle and two LED flood lights. The Fire Prevention program was discussed.

Park’s report: None

Planning Commission report: A preliminary copy of the minutes was submitted to the Board. Brenda Samuel’s Conditional Use permit was reviewed and approved. Two Land Divisions were also approved.

Supervisor’s report: Fleming reported that he e-mailed Steve King to begin repairs on the fishing deck. It is now completed and looks good. Fleming e-mailed Jon Beard of the Great Lakes Fishery Trust to notify him that the repairs have been made. He contacted the Assessor to get information about the December BOR dates in response to an e-mail from Connie Cargill asking if we want to participate in the group BOR ad. December BOR is scheduled for December 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM. He discussed our pending Five Year Road Plan with Sandy Griffin at the Road Commission as well as a possible Township donation towards repairs to Scenic Drive. Fleming also printed out new BOR minute rules.

Assessors’ report: None

Zoning Administrator’s report: Airy reported that requested information on cell tower requirements was sent to a coordinator for tower sites. He visited the home owned by George Patten where a large tree has fallen on the structure and answered questions regarding permits for reconstruction or demolition. Airy discussed a situation with Mr. Beyer concerning travel trailers on lots within his subdivision. At the Planning Commission meeting, Airy reported on the response to the Master Plan survey. The final review for Brenda Samuels’ business was completed and approved. Land Divisions for Ron Klein and Elizabeth Field were approved. The following activity was reported for the month of November: Regular Zoning permits-6 and Land Divisions-2.

Old Business: The Five Year Plan for Road Improvements was reviewed. Revisions were made and an unapproved draft will be prepared for the Road Commission and for adoption at the December meeting. A revised copy of the Policy and Procedure for the Public Inspection and Copying of Public Records in Lieu of Customary Business Hours was reviewed. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Schuyler that a resolution be made to adopt the amended policy. Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Shaw-aye, Fleming-aye, Schuyler-aye, Burmeister-aye, motion CARRIED.

New Business: The Snow Plowing contract submitted by Bart Burmeister was reviewed with no changes from last year. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Smith to approve the submitted contract for 2014-15.   Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Shaw-aye, Fleming-aye, Schuyler-aye, Burmeister-abstain. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. A motion was made by Smith and supported by Schuyler to approve participation in and payment for the county-wide December Board of Review ad. All members-aye, motion CARRIED. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Smith to approve payment of $2,687.50 from the Ramp Fund to DK Construction for repairs and improvements to the fishing deck and to authorize payment of the bills in the amount of $12,124.38, with the addition of any late arriving bills. Roll call vote: Smith-aye, Shaw-aye, Fleming-aye, Schuyler-aye, Burmeister-aye; motion CARRIED. A motion was made by Shaw and supported by Smith to adjourn and the meeting was dismissed at 8:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted:


Margie Shaw, Clerk