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NOTICE: Per changes made by the Planning Commission. The method of septic disposal must be included on application. Eg: septic tank, haul out to empty, portable waste cart, etc. Sites may be inspected to confirm sanitary conditions.
The following information regarding placement and use of RV’s within Benona Township.

  1. Per changes in 2001 Zoning Ordinance. one (1) RV is allowed on parcels of land with a minimum of two and one half acres (21/2 A). On parcels of five (5A) acres or more two (2) RV’s may be sited within an Agricultural zone.
    Within a Residential District one RV may be permitted. Check your local covenants for use restrictions.
  2. All property line setbacks must be maintained. Check the district your unit is sited within and contact the Zoning Administrator for proper distances..
  3. Per Health Dept. guidelines. Septic output must be contained in a portable tank that is serviced on a regular basis, or the unit is hooked to an inspected septic tank installed under Health Dept. guidelines. No ground water discharges are allowed.
  4. No RV’s are permitted if a dwelling is on site or has been built since the RV was sited. Occupation of a dwelling voids further use of a RV.
    The use of an RV within Benona Township is limited to 30 days at any one period.
    Permitted time has been amended for 2013. Period of permitted use is from May 15th through September 15th. Article 4.10(e). As amended 4-18-2013.
  5. The use of an RV is permitted during actual ongoing construction of a residence. Note: An individual trailer or RV may be used as a temporary living quarters or working quarters for up to one hundred eighty (180) days while a dwelling/house is being
    constructed on the same premises, provided that an approved water supply and an approved sewage disposal system are installed prior to such occupancy. The Zoning
    Administrator may grant renewals of the permit for an additional one hundred & eighty (180) days if construction is progressing on the dwelling house.
    RV’s are to be licensed by the State of Michigan or if left on the property unlicensed they will be taxed as real property per the property laws of the State of Michigan.
    The regular RV zoning permit application shall be used to supply property owner information on property relating to the site for the RV unit. The RV zoning permit is an annual permit with annual renewal applications required. The fee is $20.00 annually,
    make checks payable to Benona Township. December 31st is the annual expiration date.
    Current RV applications must be completed by June 1st 2019. Permit renewals after that period will be subject to a late fee of $50 per unit on site. Fines if levied for non-action will be $50 per week after date noted on violation notice.